The love you have for your dog can be shown in so many different ways, and feeding your best friend a healthy diet is just one of the ways to show how much you care. We, at The Skye's The Limit take feeding our dogs seriously and that is why we chose to get into the business of creating healthy food for dogs. Just like their human companions, a dog's health is affected by what they eat. The Skye's The Limit offers healthier choices through the use of 100% human grade and organic ingredients. Have you ever stopped and thought about what goes into commercial brand dog food? We have, and through extensive research, and with the help of dog nutritionists, we have come up with healthy, nutritious food for dogs. Our products do not contain any added salt, sugar, preservatives or fillers. We have a reason for using every ingredient we add to our products. We are sure you will agree, that feeding your dog food that promotes health, happiness, longevity, and overall well being, is the way to go. We've taken our dogs' health into our own hands, and our products will help you do the same.

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Canine Life DOES NOT contain: corn, soy, wheat, or yeast.

These are the top 4 food allergens for dogs.



Are you looking for:

  • A natural food alternative to commercial brand dog food?

  • A natural food alternative with the convenience of kibble?

  • A diet for your dog that you can make yourself, and know you are providing a completely balanced diet?

  • A raw diet for your dog that is completely balanced?

  • A diet that your dog will enjoy eating?

Does your dog suffer from:

  • IBD?

  • Diabetes?

  • High/low urinary pH levels?

  • Calcium oxalate or struvite crystals?

  • Kidney or liver related issues?

  • Pancreatitis?

  • Megaesophagus?

  • Food allergies?

  • Anal gland problems?

  • Cancer?

  • Gluten intolerance?

  • Is your dog a picky eater?


CANINE LIFE is just what you've been looking for!

If your dog suffers from any of the above ailments, please

consult with us first at:


CANINE LIFE is a completely balanced, all natural, fresh food diet for dogs. Developed as a hypoallergenic formula, it is based on the National Research Council's (NRC) nutritional requirements for dogs.

Feeding your dog a homemade, fresh food diet is now as convenient as serving a bowl of kibble. Visit our CANINE LIFE page to find out just how easy it is.






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