What’s different about Canine Life® compared to other dog food?

Canine Life® is unique because it allows you to feed your dog a completely balanced, all-natural, human-grade dog food. All formulas are hypoallergenic and Canine Life® offers health support diets (kidney support, cancer support, liver support and gluten free). Canine Life® does not contain any added salt, sugar, fillers or preservatives.

How do I serve Canine Life® to my dog?

Simply break up the muffin and serve. Once thawed, the muffins will last 7 days in the fridge. You can heat the muffins for 10-15 seconds on high in the microwave to remove the chill if preferred.

How often and how much do I feed my dog?

Please refer to our feeding guidelines page for more details. Each dog is unique based off their size, weight, metabolism and amount of exercise they receive. There are 2 ways to determine if your dog is getting enough food. The first, is that they maintain a good weight for their size. The second is by their stool. It should be well formed and semi firm when picked up. Stool that is very soft and not well formed is a sign of too much food. Stool that is hard like pellets is a sign of not enough food. Please contact us if you have further questions.

Where can I buy Canine Life® products?

Find your local retailer on our store locator page. If you do not have a retailer near you, Canine Life® can ship pre-mix.

What do I need to do if I purchase the pre-mix instead of the complete muffins?

If you purchase Canine Life® pre-mix, you will have to add the necessary proteins, vegetables, eggs, oil, and water and bake the muffins yourself. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to feed your dog a natural diet while ensuring they receive the necessary nutrients.

How do I know which formula I should be feeding my dog?

If your dog has no health/medical concerns our regular hypoallergenic is typically recommended. All of our formulas are hypoallergenic, if your dog has any pre-existing conditions you should contact us for a free consultation to ensure you feed your dog the most suitable formula for them.

What products are available to order straight from Canine Life®?

Only Canine Life® pre-mix is available for order through our website. Please visit your local retailer for purchasing complete muffins in bulk.

What kinds of proteins & vegetables are available in the complete muffins?

Protein: beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, pollock, salmon or tuna. Vegetables: green bean, broccoli, carrots or sweet potato muffins are available to purchase in bulk from your local retailer.

Why would I buy meatless muffins instead complete muffins?

Meatless muffins allow you to feed your dog a raw based diet but ensures that your dog is receiving all the nutritional requirements.