The face of Canine Life; Skye, is her own testimonial for promoting a healthy diet, and a strict vaccine/heartworm protocol. When Skye was 2 years old, she developed seasonal allergies in the fall, so severe, that all four paws were basically open bleeding wounds that led to a life threatening bacterial infection. Months of treatments, medications and procedures followed. At the end of our 7 month ordeal, myself and my vet were absolutely astounded when her blood work came back completely normal. My vet attributed that greatly to having a healthy diet to support her very compromised immune system during her recovery.

The Skye is literally the limit for the health of your dog when you feed an all natural, human-grade diet.

Sharon Gravel Oshawa, Ontario

I am not typically one to write to companies or submit a testimonial but I was so impressed with your product I felt compelled to write. I have a 13 yr old Lhasa Apso named Oscar. He is, and has always been a fussy eater. On kibble since he was a puppy albeit premium brands, he recently lost his appetite and became quite lethargic. Tried different food including raw. After visit with vet and some blood and urine tests it was determined he has some kidney issues and had a urinary tract infection (mild) to boot. He was losing weight and seemed so sad. Was given antibiotic for infection and I went on the hunt for a food replacement. He hated the vet prescription one and it smelled like crap so I can’t say as I blame him ….

Our local pet food store (Global) has been awesome letting me try different foods until we found one that was good for him and more importantly that he would eat! Well…..the beef muffins (ready made frozen) have been a real godsend let me tell you. He absolutely loves them and can’t wait to eat them morning and night…. Prefers meals to treats and has bounced back and is more energetic. His eyes seem brighter and overall better disposition. He is still a wee bit grumpy but his name is Oscar (as in the grouch hahaha) but what a difference this has made. It is a real relief to know he is eating regularly and seems to enjoy every last morsel.

Thanks again

Nicole Sloan – Toronto, Ontario

For years I have been meaning to write to you, so this letter is a long time coming! We have a 6 1/2 year old bichon/miniature poodle cross named Molly. In her first year we spent multiple times at the vet, from kennel cough to mysterious vomiting, we just knew that a brand new healthy puppy shouldn’t be getting sick so much. I did extreme amounts of research, eventually determining it must be food-related and started feeding her a diet of boiled chicken and rice. However I knew this would not suffice and she would need more nutrition than just that. I began researching home cooking for dogs, what their nutritional needs were, etc Eventually I came across your food in a store and I decided to try it out. I really liked the fact that I knew exactly what was in the food I was feeding Molly and that I could change it up as well.

The difference in Molly after switching her to Canine Life was remarkable. She was no longer sick, but back to the bouncing vibrant dog we knew she was. At a year and a half in age she had another growth spurt and every single vet visit since has shown us what an incredible difference diet truly makes. I cannot thank you enough. Canine Life made all the difference in the world for Molly, thank you!! We are truly grateful.

Cathy Porter – Kingston, New Hampshire

Meet 3 year old Tucker. He weighs in at 17 pounds and just loves his Canine Life Gluten Free muffins. Grandma Margaret Lee purchases the pre-mix at Ryan’s Pet Foods in Burlington, Ontario and delivers it to Tucker in person whenever she visits. What a lucky little guy he is, not only does he have a personal chef (mom) but also his own delivery service (grandma).

Jack & Karen – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Zack had fecal incontinence before we tried Canine Life. The vet here in GR said that the incontinence was due to an autoimmune condition. Surprise! Since using Canine Life, Zack’s incontinence has completely stopped. Furthermore, his energy level has shot up and his coat has become silky soft with his dandruff disappearing! I am still monitoring his PH due to a previous case of calcium oxalate stones.

Needless to say, I am extremely pleased with your product! It has done all that you said it would & more.

Update – September 2009: Now that Zack our almost thirteen year old Miniature Schnauzer has been on your product for almost two years, he continues to be absolutely wonderful! You said that Canine Life was the solution to treating Zack’s fecal incontinence, and you were 100% correct! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your commitment to canine health and well being!

Julia – Oakville, Ontario

Jet is our 2-1/2 year old Standard Poodle who has had palatability issues with food ever since he was a pup.  A new kibble never lasted very long with him and we usually had to dress it up with tripe or other flavour enhancers.  He was on his last brand of kibble for about six months when he decided he didn’t like it anymore.  We went to the local pet store and got some kibble samples and Canine Life samples.  Usually when presented with a new kind of kibble, he ate it like crazy, but we tried 2 of the 4 samples and he turned his nose up at both.  We decided to try the Canine Life samples and he wolfed them down!  We started him on Canine Life on June 1, 2006 and haven’t looked back.  The first time we saw him eat all his food and lick the bowl, I almost cried.  I’ve come to the conclusion that some dogs just don’t like kibble and Jet is one of those dogs. 

Mary Jane – New York, U.S.A

This is our good Golden pal, Gus, who had surgery for mast cell carcinoma in the spring of 2003, and is now recovering from surgery (June 2006) that removed a spindle cell sarcoma mass. His treatments have involved Dr. Wen’s Chinese herbal medicine, and now  he is additionally receiving the Canine Life Cancer Formulation. As you can see, Gus loves his muffins so much, that he insists on licking Mom’s muffin tins clean as well!

Mike – Brampton, Ontario

2 year old Cian has been a Canine Life dog since he was weaned as a pup.

Lyndsey – Mississauga, Ontario

When we found the first lump on Giz, I immediately contacted Liza to find out more about the cancer formula and started him on it ASAP.  When it was confirmed to be a cancerous mast cell tumour, we continued to feed the cancer formula and hope that the clear margins from the surgery would keep our 6 year old Dane boy cancer free.  We found three more lumps at the same location one year later and my vet was shocked that he’d gone a whole year between reoccurances.  She was amazed with the results from Canine Life and removed the tumours, this time we missed clear margins.  About 4 months later we found the next lump, and with a now 7.5 year old Dane, I worried about putting him under yet again, but his blood work was spectacular for a boy of his age and once again we were reminded of what an outstanding product this is.  Gizmo did wonderfully through his last surgery and we now are working from clear margins again.

Not only did this product produce fantastic results and Liza as always is a wonderful support, but there is just a factor of hope that comes from actually being able to DO something in this situation.  Needless to say this sweet old man and his mom are delighted to have Canine Life in their lives!

Tania – Burlington, Ontario

Cosmo is my 8 year old Jack Russell.  Cosmo had a history of severe food and environmental allergies every day, all year around. These allergies would cause him to constantly bite at his legs and tail.  He would relentlessly scratch his eyes, mouth, neck, underarms and stomach to the point that his underbelly was always hot, red, raw and sores (hotspots) would appear.  On a daily basis all year round Cosmo’s appearance and suffering broke my heart, his quality of life was clearly compromised.

Over the years, vets have tried dozens of ‘special’ dog foods, and large amounts of anti-inflammatories / anti- histamines in attempt to control his biting and scratching.  We also tried Cosmo on a homemade diet of chicken, veggies and rice.  His symptoms improved, but he was still uncomfortable and not receiving the proper vitamins and minerals from this restricted diet. 

I was recently shopping at Ryan’s pet store (for a toy) and found your Canine Life Information sheet.  All the ingredients in your ‘muffins’ are 100% human grade, organic, with herbs, vitamins and minerals that fulfill complete nutritional requirements.  I was impressed… but not convinced this diet would help Cosmo.  I had nothing to lose by emailing you Cosmo’s situation.  You recommended your gluten free formula, as well as omitting any and all dairy products for a 10 day trial.  I trusted your recommendation.

I picked up the gluten-dairy free muffins and started Cosmo on them immediately.  To my surprise he LOVED them (he is usually a picky eater).  Within 2 days he was scratching less and his eyes cleared up.  Within 7 days his scratching was significantly less.  His mouth, neck, legs and stomach were no longer red, hot and raw, he was actually growing hair!  His stools were formed and his energy increased.  Cosmo has been on the gluten-dairy free muffins for over 30 days and he looks fantastic. 

I don’t know how to thank you enough for improving Cosmo’s health and happiness.  It makes me feel better to know my dog will enjoy the rest of his years medication free and in comfort.  Canine Life, I hope other pet owners with itchy – allergic dogs can find the success I found with your muffins.  When it comes to our beloved pets, Canine Life muffins can make all the difference in the world.

Forever grateful, Tania and Cosmo

Diane & Dennis – Cayuga, Ontario

My name is Akuna, and I’m an Australian Shepherd.  I was born March 2003 and started on Canine Life at 3 months of age. My mom and dad were concerned about all the additives that are found in regular dog food. They wanted the best for me. While walking at the park one day, we met another cool dog that told us about Canine Life and how his food allergies had cleared up. So, mom and dad contacted Liza at The Skyes The Limit.  What a great lady. I get all excited when she comes by. She gives us personal service and good advice.  My coat looks great, I’m healthy and personally, I love the taste!  Mom and Dad like that we don’t have vet bills. I strongly recommend all puppies start out right on Canine Life.  Liza will set your diet up for you.  I know that I’ll forever be a Canine Life Dog.

 Natalya & Sergei – Hamilton, Ontario

Ushna is a 19 month old female Giant Schnauzer. She weighs about 75 lbs. We brought Ushna home when she was 7 weeks old and from the first day we fed her dry dog food. She never liked it very much, and sometimes she would not eat at all. Very often she would have an upset stomach, loose stool, and diarrhea. In addition to all this, when Ushna was 6 months old she got another problem. During the day time while napping, she would have a large amount of discharge with no colour or smell to it. It was happening 5-6 times a week for 2 weeks every month, with 2 weeks break and then it would start all over again. Our doctor said that it might be a weak bladder and suggested to put Ushna on medication for the rest of her life. By that time we were already looking for a natural diet for dogs and luckily for us we found the Canine Life diet and called Liza. We started feeding Ushna Canine Life diet on March 7, 2003. She just loves her muffins! I’ve never seen Ushna enjoying her food so much. We bake our muffins and I can tell you that when you start doing it on a regular basis, it is very easy to make. When we go for a walk now, people always mention how shiny Ushna’s coat is and how fit she looks. And the most important thing is that all her problems have now completely disappeared as soon as we switched to Canine Life diet. We are very glad that we can feed our dog a healthy and nutritious diet.

Sherry, Sean and Nicole – Burlington, Ontario

Sandi is a 15 year old Chow Chow that we have had since she was 3 months old. She has had many problems in the past, with allergies to kibble, arthritis in her hips, and finding a food that she enjoyed to eat and would not cause her to vomit or have loose stool. Sandi is a very important member of our family and trying to find a food that would work for her was difficult. She doesn’t like commercial dog food or biscuits, and this made the search even more challenging. Thanks to Canine Life, she not only enjoys eating, but has renewed energy. Sandi has been eating Canine Life since October 2002, and it has given us the piece of mind that she is receiving the best food possible and one that will assist her in living a long and happy life. With our busy schedules, its great to have Canine Life prepared for us and it is even more convenient than kibble or canned dog food which is what we used to feed her. For Sandi, only the best will do, and in our opinion that is Canine Life.

Donna and John – Burlington, Ontario

Our dog Bubba is an 11 year old Brussels Griffon.  While large for his breed (we think he came from a puppy mill), Bubba has the typical Brussels personality and we love him dearly. Bubba has always loved food and as a result has always battled a weight problem. We tried to keep his weight under control with a high fiber diet from our vet.

In April of 2002, at age 10, Bubba became very ill and had to have his gall bladder removed.  Subsequently he developed diabetes and was started on daily doses of insulin starting at 5 units, twice per day. His blood sugar continued to rise until he was up to 13 units of insulin twice a day just to maintain a glucose level of 15 (still quite high). Then unexpectedly his blood sugar dropped severely leaving him weak and close to going into shock. His blood sugar levels kept fluctuating even though we were carefully weighing his food each day.

At this point we decided to try a different diet.  The first change was to a raw food diet and this worked very well for a few weeks.  His blood sugar levels stabilized and his insulin demand dropped from 15 to 8 units, twice per day.  Then he got sick from a lack of fiber in his diet (he has no gall bladder) and we had to look for another diet.

At this point I called Liza for some help. Liza researched the dietary needs of diabetics and formulated a special recipe using the Canine Life diet for Bubba.  Bubba has been on this diet since July 2003 and is doing fantastic.  His energy is back, his blood glucose has stabilized at a normal level (5.6) with only 6 units of insulin twice per day.  He really loves his Canine Life muffins and looks forward to meal time, and so do we because we no longer have to weigh his food.

We are very thankful to Liza and Canine Life for such a wonderful product. Hopefully, other diabetic dogs will benefit from it as Bubba has.
We also have a Shihtzu named Gucci who was always a very picky eater.  Once he smelled Bubba’s Canine Life muffins, he insisted on them too. Now he races downstairs in the morning when he hears the microwave heating up his muffins.
We will definitely be staying with the Canine Life diet for the long term.

Phyllis and Ed – Hamilton, Ontario

Phyllis and Ed had to bid a very loving farewell to their sweet little Maggie. She lived a very full and happy life and succumbed to natural causes. She will be lovingly missed by her entire family.

Maggie is our 14 year-old Cairn terrier, who while slowing down a bit, loves her walks and rides in the car. Occasionally she surprises us by running and doing what we call “Ninja Warrior” leaps in the air.   We brought Maggie home when she was four months old. She is a great companion and good friend.  She has always been a healthy dog and we wanted to maintain that good health into her senior years.  We had her on various dry dog foods that were available at the pet store or grocery store. Because we wanted to keep her with us as long as possible we were concerned about the preservatives and other non-food ingredients that were in the food we were giving her.  When we heard about Canine Life natural food we decided to try their muffins.  We feed her two muffins a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.  She really looks forward to her meals.  In fact if we are a little bit late giving her muffin to her she reminds us by continuously pushing at the back of our legs with her nose, until we pay attention and feed her.  She enjoys this food and it seems to agree with her.  All of her “plumbing” is still working well.  As far as we are concerned this is the best diet for a dog for its whole life.  It can be modified for puppies, mature dogs and senior dogs. And best of all, dogs love it.  We recommend this food to all dog owners. Contact The Skye’s The Limit and try it – your dog will love it.

Lynn – Burlington, Ontario

Maddie is a 14 month-old female Shih Tzu.  I have fed Maddie dry dog food since I brought her home at 8 weeks old.  When she was a puppy she ate her food moistened, and ate twice a day.  After some time, she would only eat a small amount once a day.  I started combining wet food with her dry food, or adding gravy to her dry food, and although this would work in the beginning, it was only temporary.  I was told several times that Shih Tzu’s were very “picky” eaters, and Maddie was no exception.  When she turned a year old, and went to adult dog food, I tried her on several types of dry food, Holistic Blends, Kibble for fussy dogs, and nothing worked.  She started to eat less than a quarter cup of food every other day, so I decided to try Canine Life.  I started feeding Maddie her muffins this past summer and she hasn’t missed a meal yet.  She waits now while I prepare her breakfast or supper, and eats every last bit.  I just started making the muffins myself, and it is so easy to do, I can’t believe it took me so long to try it.  I can use all fresh ingredients, and know that she’s getting a nutritious and delicious meal every time.  Maddie has since put on about 3 pounds, and looks great.  Thank you for all your support and advice, you have been very helpful during this transition.

Lyndsey – Mississauga, Ontario

When I was first asked to transport a five week old dane puppy into foster care in Ontario, I was thrilled!  I was filled with dreams of puppy breath and images of a sweet, happy puppy running around and playing.  When I first saw Beau, I was shocked, he looked like a skeleton.  Most dane pups are born weighing one to one and a half pounds each.  Beau weighed just over three pounds at five weeks, he looked like a dane head on a bird carcass and he was very weak.
Beau was born with a condition called Megaesophagus.  His esophagus is enlarged and there is a pocket right before the food enters his stomach, he also lacks the reflex that pulls food down into the stomach.  It is quite difficult to get and keep weight on MegaE dogs, and really tricky to keep them growing properly.

I adopted Beau in August, 2003.  A mean 20+ pounds at two months he was still quite thin and had started to knuckle over in his front end.  He still regurgitated, but now only 1-2 times a day and sometimes not at all, some days he just refused to eat.  Since I raw feed my other dogs I hated feeding kibble and began looking for alternatives, I just knew I could find a better food for Beau.
One day Canine Life was recommended to me.  I was SO excited.  Cooked food I could make at home, have guidance but still have a part in creating, it really seemed too good to be true.  After calling Liza I bought a bag of premix the following day, made it and started Beau on the road to better health.
At 2.5 years old (when he wasn’t expected to make it past six weeks) Beau is a 115 pounds, 35″ at the shoulder and quite the handsome young Dane, who NEVER misses a meal.  I know he couldn’t have come this far without Canine Life and I am thankful everyday to Liza and this food for giving him the chance he deserved.  Liza has been a wonderful support, and I am so overjoyed to have found both her and this product to really help Beau reach his full potential.

Jacquie & Shawn – Mount Albert, Ontario

Abbey is a one and a half year old Golden-Poo and she loves her muffins! Since going on Canine Life muffins, Abbey has lost weight and has a ton more energy.  I will never go back to kibble.  Every two weeks I make two batches of muffins and now that I’m in the swing of things it doesn’t take much time at all.  A food processor is a must though.

TSTL Note: A blender is also effective, or, those who happen to have a meat grinder . . . makes the vegetable/fruit mash, a snap. 

Lesley and Chance Victoria, British Columbia

I’d like you to meet “Chance”, more affectionately known as “The Muffin Man”. He was all of 58 pounds in August 2003, and desperately needing to put on some weight, but when I increased the amount of kibble he was eating at the time, it just came out the other end. I realized that was not the answer, so I switched him to Canine Life and the results have been great! He now easily maintains a svelte 65 pounds on 6 muffins a day. My husband jokes (or is that complains,) that I cook more for the dog than I do for him, and people have stopped telling me what a skinny dog I have! As a tracking and obedience dog, Chance needs all the energy he can get while he’s working, and Canine Life gives him that.

Stacey & Sean – Burlington, Ontario

Indy is a Shih tzu-poodle combo who is 2 1/2 years old. We first heard about Canine Life dog food about 1 year ago and even though our dog is healthy with no problems that we know of….we felt that he was such a huge part of the Gibbs family that we wanted to provide him with the best possible food on the market. Indy was used to eating regular dog food from a silver dish that he nibbled at through out the day. We started feeding Indy his muffins in that same silver dish and he would just nudge the dish around, so I tried a desert dish from our fine depression glass china that I inherited from my grandmother and he just gobbled it up. I have tried several times over the last year to get him to eat from his old bowl but nothing doing. I guess if you are giving him the best food on the market then it should be served on your best dishes!! If by chance Indy is not fed first thing in the morning….after the children eat, he will definitely let you know that he is next. I have not yet attempted making the muffins on my own and we appreciate that you can purchase them all ready made for us with busy schedules. I do have neighbors that make their own and tell me that it is really easy, and I will attempt them when life with the Gibbs twins settles down. Indy also enjoys the dog biscuits made by The Skye’s The Limit and at night it is a ritual for him to sit at the bottom of the stairs while the lights and television are being turned off and wait for his bedtime treat. Thanks again for providing such a great product that ensures that our pet is not only a healthy dog but a happy dog who will be with us for many years to come.

The Gibbs family would like to introduce their latest addition. Meet Corbie an 8 week old Shih tzu puppy. Corbie started on Canine Life puppy muffins the day they brought him home, and he was literally swept off his feet by them. Corbie has been a wonderful addition to their family and has settled in like he was always meant to be a Gibbs!

Norma – Burlington, Ontario

Shadow is a 4 year old male Shih Tzu.  Unfortunately in early 2004, I had determined that he had developed a kidney stone problem which may have been related to his original diet plan.  It was recommended at that time, that I put him on a prescription diet food (which by the way was the same name brand as the original kibble I was feeding him), so I started him on it after his surgery in February 2004. Shadow did not like this food (kibble or can) and was barely eating after the surgery… I was starting to panic.  Then I heard about Canine Life and spoke with Liza about her muffin mix.  It was decided to substitute a few ingredients to address the kidney stone problem and voila….Shadow is now gobbling up every meal and is calcium oxalate crystal free, since March of 2004. Shadow also suffers from chronic struvite crystals, which have presented more of a challenge than the calcium oxalate crystals. Normally calcium oxalate crystals are the most difficult to control, and our vet is very impressed that Canine Life is working. Over the course of many months, we have been tweaking Canine Life to try and control his struvite crystals. At present, it looks like we have the right combination for Shadow and he currently remains struvite crystal free. A great big hug, and lots of thanks goes out to Liza & Company, for all of the support and advice that was provided while dealing with Shadow’s diet plan.

Michelle – Oakville, Ontario

This is Qunicy and Cloee waiting for their dinner. Canine life is a fantastic product. It is nothing but wholesome food. Qunicy and Cloee absolutely love it. I will never be able to feed them anything else ever again. Why would I? There is nothing better for them to eat. This has so much nutrition that I sometimes think that the dogs eat better than me.